Reaching Back When Your Lover Falls Behind

by: Gary Stokes

In marriage, one of us is at least a bit ahead of the other at any particular moment. And some of the time, one of us is quite a bit ahead.

The partner who is ahead needs to reach back and help the other catch up.

It’s the nature of the love relationship that one partner has more awareness,

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Have We Gone Too Far With List Making?

by: Sharon Rivkin, MA, MFT

We’re a cult of list makers. We make to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, and now a list of must-have qualities for our potential partner.She needs to be independent, yet be devoted; he needs to earn a good living, yet have enough time for her.He needs to have follow-through on his promises; she needs to not be demanding.And on it goes.If some of these qualities don’t appear right away, do you end the relationship?Or how long should you stay if all the items on your list aren’t there?

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Navigating the In-Laws

by: Tammy Greene

Whether you are newly remarried or not, there is one thing we all have in common… the In-Laws.Having to deal with the nuances of your spouse’s family, particularly their parents, can be incredibly challenging.Maybe their personality clashes with yours, maybe they are crude and inappropriate, overly attached to your spouse, or always feeling the need to make their opinions known.Whatever the case may be,

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Is it Really Money You're Fighting About?

by: Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC

Dear Toni-

My spouse and I are unable to handle our finances productively, which results in frequent conflicts about how and what has been spent, money being wasted due to not having a workable system and budget, concerns about meeting our financial obligations - and the related stress that impacts other aspects of our relationship and family life as well.

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Saying, "I'm Sorry," When You Have Done Absolutely Nothing Wrong!

by: Monique Honaman, JD, MLIR

Here’s my question: Why is it so difficult to say something, anything, even just an, “I'm sorry” not when we personally did anything wrong to someone else, but when that someone else is going through something difficult?Why do some people hear of someone else going through a rough patch and decide to disappear for a while. Suddenly, they are too busy for a phone call, too busy to stop by, too busy to write a quick email!What’s going on here?

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Think You Are Falling Out of Love? It May Be a Disconnect

by: Sharon O'Neill, Ed.S, LMFT

All too often in my marriage and family therapy practice I hear couples talking about how they havelost connection; and how, along with all the confusing feelings that accompany that loss, they also no longer have their best friend to lean on in the marriage.So I ask, “What have you done lately to connect with your partner?”

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What I Learned About Marriage After My Divorce

by: Cheryl Donavan

Far too often we spend our time planning the wedding rather than the marriage. I too was guilty of this oversight in my first marriage.Although I had dated my first husband for a few years, dating and living together are two different things. Apparently it’s easy to keep up appearances when the two of you are going to separate households at the end of the evening.

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Evolving in Divorce and Marriage

by: Gary Stokes

“Every man on this planet is taking his initiation in love.” Florence Shinn, The Game of Life and How to Play It I went to a mini-reunion of former high school classmates recently, and found myself in a crowd of long-marrieds. Almost none of my dozen classmates in attendance had been divorced, and someone asked me how long I had been married. I said I have been happily married for 17 years--this time.

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8 Rules of Marital Bliss

by: Janeen Diamond

When I made the life-altering decision to leave my husband 25 years ago, I had no idea what the next 25 years would bring.I thought I had the world by the tail back then, and in some ways I did.In other ways, not so much.

 Looking back, there are a few simple “rules” I’ve come to realize should never be broken within the bonds of marriage.Follow these rules, and success will be much more likely.

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The Happiness Tree: Growing a Fulfilling Relationship

by: Dr. Felicia Clark

Does your relationship struggle because you feel unappreciated? Learn why a woman letting a man meet her needs is key to happiness.


The word “husbandry” means the act or practice of cultivating.

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Privacy and the New Relationship

by: Michele Sfankianos

Be prepared, your new marriage will be affected by a lack of privacy. This is part of having children in your house. Communication plays a key part in keeping the spark.

Establishing house rules:

The first year or so is the hardest on your sex life. The honeymoon hormones are flying at the same time you are adjusting. It

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